Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At CYBETIQ PVT LTD, accessible from, our main concern is privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document pertains to the types of information that is collected and recorded by CYBETIQ PVT LTD and its utilization.

CYBETIQ PVT LTD is dedicated to safeguarding your Privacy information and it’s advised to see through our Privacy policies and terms and conditions for your convenience and benefit. The information specified in this Privacy policy is strictly bounded to those platforms under the use of our company.

CYBETIQ PVT LTD follows a standard procedure of using log files. These files log visitors when they visit websites. At the time of registration we ask for the following: name, email, phone number, business details and other private data.

We gather statistical data such as the number of times you login, transactions, software used, pages attended and your number of clicks to construct a demographics for the analysis of our services. Like any other website, CYBETIQ PVT LTD uses ‘cookies’ to store information like the visitors’ preferences of products, pages on the website that user accessed or visited.

Our purpose, to record your log details is to improve user experience and interactions through analyzing their footprints and customizing our webpage to the users desired preferences. This is to make it easy and convenient for users to go through our provided services.

CYBETIQ PVT LTD may display advertisements which it deems as under the user’s interest from the analysis gathered by the users targeted desired services and products done to achieve max opportunities in business for users. CYBETIQ PVT LTD exercises no command over such business advertiser’s interaction with users and vice versa.

CYBETIQ PVT LTD and its business working associates (third party agents) permitted under confidentiality agreement hold the right to mail you directly for any products and services deemed of interest to you.

CYBETIQ does not share user’s private info without his agreement. In regards to association with any third party or promotion, the user will be notified prior to decide whether to allow sharing and transfer or withhold his information being shared under such circumstances.

However, CYBETIQ holds the right to disclose your private information under legal rights in case of exploitation, either intended or mistakenly, of its services, property and policies to be investigated under the jurisdiction of the law. Users account can be terminated rendering him unable to login although his personal data will be saved in the archive records.

Part of our Privacy policies corresponds to child usage protection. CYBETIQ PVT LTD does not gather info from minors. In case of such incident occurring that your child shares your personal data without the adults consent, we strongly advise to monitor your child’s internet usage and contact us immediately to for prompt action on such problem.

In regards to your use of CYBETIQ PVT LTD website, grants us your consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. We in our capability and viability will preserve and prevent unauthorized users to access and leak your private information safeguarding against scamming or doxing.

Any other questions and info regarding our Private Policy can be enquired via email at

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